a traveling Wife: Old Lady Habits Exposed

Old Lady Habits Exposed

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, we meet again. How was your weekend? I wish I could have a super exciting post for you today recapping my weekend but lets be honest, my life is not all that exciting. I can still share with you my super old lady habits that seem to get worse over the weekend.

Friday was a super fun day. At work we had a carnival and played wii skee ball, basketball, and rode a tricycle around an obstacle course. We also had a drawing at the end of the carnival and I won two tickets to go to an Indy Indians baseball game next weekend. Whoop whoop - date night! Friday night A and I went out to dinner with some friends that are in town from California. After helping them polish off a bottle of wine, 11:30p was a good time to head to bed. Old lady habits #1.

Saturday started off with working out, biking 9.97 miles, doing laundry, eating lunch, and drinking some beers all before we decided it would be a good idea to take a shower. Old lady habits #2.

On our bike ride we came across this little gem. The little kid in me came out and I was super excited.
Yes, water shoots out everywhere and it couldn't be more fun - trust me.

After we finally cleaned up at like 2:30p we headed to the mall so I could buy A's Father's Day present. Remember, we have this little puppy and we treat her like she is our child so we are totally allowed to celebrate Mother's and Father's day. Then we went to an early dinner. Old lady habits #3. 

I love trying new restaurants especially when they use local products in their meals. So we decided to try this new place and I was not disappointed at all. We even sat outside because the weather was just absolutely beautiful.
Bread sticks and fire-roasted goat cheese with BBQ chicken flatbread.
Here's a tip while eating out; if the waitress tells you that dessert is buy one get one free, you order two desserts even though you were not planning on eating even one.
Apple strudel flatbread and Strawberry cake.
After our bellies were too full for our pants to remain buttoned, we went home, changed into pj's and sat on our balcony. Old lady habits #4.
The night sky was beautiful but instead of taking advantage of the lovely weather, we went to bed around 10p. Old lady habits #5.

Sunday was our day to play catch up. I did some blog work, we did some laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, and the little pup got her hairs cut. Of course we also celebrated Father's day with the best pup-daddy I know.

Do you have any old lady habits?


  1. I am so intrigued with where your new job is! :-)

  2. So... can I come over and hang out with you? ;)


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