a traveling Wife: Free Beers, Free Tickets and Real Mexican Food

Free Beers, Free Tickets and Real Mexican Food

Monday, June 24, 2013

Can I just say I had such a great weekend. I mean, like a great weekend. Maybe it was using my free tickets to go to a baseball game or maybe it was being given tickets to get unlimited free beer at the game? Either way, I sure enjoyed myself.

Friday, there is really nothing to say about Friday. We made mexican pizza for dinner and drank Vernors and Vanilla Vodka. Side note: if you have never had or heard of Vernors, you must try it. Like right now. The thing is, you probably won't be able to find it as it is a regional ginger ale soft drink. Since I grew up outside of Detroit, which is where Vernors was created, this was a staple in our house. Don't get it confused with other ginger ale sodas or pops because it has it's own distinct taste. This has been your Monday dose of education. We will now return to scheduled programing...
Saturday was a busy and fun filled day. A, changed the oil on my car he is seriously the best and we did some usual chores and errands that commence during the weekend. We then made our way to downtown Indy to see the Indians baseball game since I won two tickets at work. On our way downtown, the sky started getting darker and darker.
We drove another 2-3 miles and then the downpour started. You know the type, when you can't see a damn thing and you have your wipers going back and forth quicker than my dog tucks her butt when she is scared.

I was seriously craving mexican food even though we had a mexican pizza the night before. But I was craving the authentic kind not the midwestern tex-mex. So after doing some research and reading up on Indy food blogs, we found this little Long John Silver building that is now a mexican restaurant and was on our way to Victory Field. I wish I had a picture of the outside but just think of Long John Silver. El Puerto de San Blas is freaking amazing. So good that I could drink the salsa even though it burned while eating and the next day, if you know what I mean. We ordered the Molcajete de Carne which is essentially a bowl of meat and cheese. Here is a little before and after. It looks like we hardly even put a dent in that bowl.
If you are in Indy or driving through, I highly recommend this place. Don't be scared by the neighborhood because the food is way worth it.

After our bellies were stuffed to the brim and the rain wasn't pouring like cats and dogs anymore, we headed down to Victory Field. I had never been to the field and was pretty excited because I love going to sports events but despise watching them on tv. We made our way into the field and decided to find our seats to see if maybe we would be sheltered by an awning just incase the weather decided to no be in our favor. Then we walked around the field to find out which concessions was offering the best beverages. We made it just over half way and this older gentleman stopped us and asked if we wanted free tickets to a private party that would allow us to eat unlimited food and free beer. He said the word 'free' twice and we couldn't say no. You are supposed to respect your elders, aren't you?

I wanted A to take a picture of our second round at the free bar but he failed a couple of times before we had a winning picture.
The bartenders allowed you to get two beers at a time and I am not one to say no.

The field was really nice and had a pretty nice back drop. I love going to different fields and seeing what their backdrop has to offer rather than paying much attention to the actual game.
It was a success of a night because the Indians won!

All I have for Sunday are these cute little duckies and now I am sad because A is out of town for business.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

    And I've had Vernors before -- it's my preferred Ginger Ale, but I had no idea it was from Detroit!!! Ah, Pure Michigan always hits you when you least expect it! :)


  2. Looks and sounds like a ton of fun (and busy busy)!

  3. A fun filled weekend!! Love those!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. I'm not a big ginger ale fan but I grew up with Vernors too. I had no idea it was a regional thing!

  5. That looks great! I am not a huge fan of ginger ale, it seems to not be a taste that I can get a customized too! :(


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