a traveling Wife: Clothing Dilemma

Clothing Dilemma

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This should not be news to you but I have been without a paying job for some time. I can tell you that I have not been sitting around watching TV in my pj's eating donuts without showering all day. Although that may have happened a day or two within the last 1.5 years. I have been all over the internet searching for jobs and my resume has definitely gotten around.

All the while I think to myself, "I really need to update my wardrobe because fitness pants and free t-shirts will not cut it in the workplace." So then I started pondering what type of job I might accept and what the dress code might be. We all know that most jobs fall under the category of casual, business casual, or business attire. Cue my search on pinterest and google.

If anyone relied on the sources of pinterest or google for work clothing options, they would either stick out like a big fat zit or get fired completely. Here is what I found. Some are good and some are NOT so good.

Casual - I could totally see myself wearing something like this - cute, comfy, and stylish. Although I would probably change the shoes. Also, that dog is just adorable.
Business Casual - Things start to go down hill here real quick.
So this first one I would rock every single day, over and over again.
But this. This is what you consider business casual? Oh boy!
Business - Call me old fashion but when I think business I think about all different types of suits like this.
But then again these girls are really old fashioned here.

How do you solve the work place dress code dilemma?


  1. Sadly my workplace dress code is the last picture. Really old fashioned. How is that possible these days? I look like the crazy person when I wear bright colors :)

  2. Love your casual and business casual looks. Something that i would totally wear. I wear scrubs at work but i do still dress up to go to work.

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  3. I have uniforms with black pants now, and a white to reminding me of the last picture.... I had simply "office attire" in my last job, which was easy. And the rest I have had uniforms!


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