a traveling Wife: Celebratory Weekend

Celebratory Weekend

Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Monday, Monday. Everybody hates Monday...

I hope you had a fantastic weekend like we did at my household. If you do not already follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you probably should because you missed out on some very exciting news! I will get to that news later though. But lets get on with the weekend recap first.

Friday ended with a delicious dinner of thai chicken flatbread, pretzel crusted pork medalians, and dessert. Of course none of that was made by yours truly. We splurged and went out instead. Also, lets not forget the celebratory bottle of wine.
What was the celebration about? Looks like you will just have to wait til the end of this post to find out. Don't go scroll down to the bottom because it might not be at the very bottom. I am soo sneaky.

Once we finished the bottle of wine, both of us became very sleepy so bedtime came at 10pm. Old people alert!

Saturday started with an 11 mile bike ride and a pit stop at the farmers market to buy some jerky. Along the bike ride we came across two groups of little duckies. And I love me some cute little baby animals. 
After getting our workout done, A and I came back to the house and gave the little Jeep a bath. While in the process of washing my car we also accomplished our large pile of laundry four loads to be exact. 

And why would we let our busy accomplished day end there? Of course we would not so we went grocery shopping and I typed all of this week's posts out and scheduled them to go live. I am totally ahead of the game here.

Sunday  was a completely different story. We were busy but didn't really accomplish too much. I will spare you the boring details.

We ended the weekend getting ready for our work week ahead. Oh yeah, I said our work week. That means this little lady got a job - more to come this week. So that is the big news!!

How was your weekend?


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