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What I Eat In A Day [While Living In A Hotel]

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Let's play catch up for a moment here. I've been living in a hotel for 19 days now and our Maryland house has sold. We still don't have a house yet here in Missouri but that's okay. We are actively exploring the new town and spent most of the last weekend at one of the state parks. The pup and I enjoyed some time outdoors away from these plain four walls of our hotel room.

Luckily our room has a small kitchenette with stovetop and microwave, and there is also a gas grill at our disposal. A and I have been experimenting with different meals each day and it's kind of fun to be creative away from an oven, especially since it's been so hot outside.

So if you are nosey like me, you love to see how others feed themselves and their family. With the few obstacles that I have while living in a hotel, follow along with what I eat in a day.

I can't get enough oatmeal. It's simple and delicious even on the hot summer mornings. The hotel we are staying at does offer a hot breakfast each morning, but I tend to just grab plain oatmeal and spice it up to my liking. You know, by adding things like fruit, yogurt, and/or peanut butter. Because really, who eats just plain oatmeal?

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Snack One
It's not long after breakfast that my stomach starts to rumble. I grab whatever fresh fruit I have in the fridge. Lately it's been strawberries, cherries, or watermelon. On this particular day, I had a handful of cherries.

Sometimes a classic sandwich is all that's needed - meat, cheese, lettuce, and bread. Pair this with some popcorn and a glass of lemon water.

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Snack Two
This is the time of day that my sweet tooth really starts calling out for something sweet. One way I avoid eating an entire bar of chocolate or carton of ice cream is by reaching for Meta Appetite Control from Walgreens.

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I've been watching the Food Channel like crazy lately trying to come up with some new meals to make on the stovetop. I had a winner of a meal with Rachel Ray's Sriracha Chicken with Peanuts in Lettuce Wraps. I put my own twist on the dish by swapping out the chicken for ground turkey and added some wild rice with the lettuce wraps. This was a winner of a dish.

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Unfortunately, the hotel typically serves up warm cookies in the evenings. I just can't stay away from those because COOKIES. But A and I typically hit up the gym or the pool in the evenings so I say, eat your cookies as part of an 80:20 lifestyle. 

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What have you been eating lately?  
Have you ever tried Meta Appetite Control?

Copycat Choco Taco

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

There is something about the sound of an ice cream truck. It brings me right back to my childhood, running down the street, waving my dollar bill in the air to stop Mr. Ice Cream Truck Driver. My favorite treat from the ice cream truck was always the screw ball. It was like two treats in one. I would get to eat the sorbet and then have a gum ball at the end.

Some of those classics might be gone and replaced with newer options. Heck, the ice cream truck that circled our neighborhood in Maryland had soft serve ice cream, made smoothies, and offered banana splits. But whether you are a fan of the classics or you just can't help being with the in-crowd, we can all agree that ice cream needs to be a part of your summer.
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One of A's favorite ice cream treats is the choco taco. Now I am not going to lie, I had never had one before. I imagine it being like a drumstick but in a taco form. So instead of running to the store to buy some choco tacos, I decided to make a twist on the classic - frozen yogurt dark choco tacos. You guys, I couldn't stop myself.

frozen yogurt, ice cream, dark chocolate

Copycat Choco Taco

Recipe by a traveling Wife
Yield: 4 choco tacos

  • 4 Waffle Bowls
  • 1/2 gallon Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
  • 1 cup Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 1/2 tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • handful Almonds, chopped
Cooking Directions
  1. Remove frozen yogurt from freezer to allow to soften.
  2. One at a time, wrap a waffle bowl in a piece of damp paper towel and microwave for 45 seconds. Immediately remove waffle bowl and form into a taco shape. It's best to turn over a muffin tray and place the taco in between the molds to hold shape.
  3. After all the tacos have been formed, fill each with a generous helping of frozen yogurt.
  4. *Feel free to mix things up here and choose any flavor you wish of frozen yogurt, ice cream, or your favorite dairy free option.
  5. Place muffin tray with filled tacos in the freezer.
  6. While the frozen yogurt re-hardens, place dark chocolate chips and coconut oil in microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds at a time until chocolate is melted (roughly 60-90 seconds) - stir in between intervals.
  7. Roughly chop a handful of almonds and set aside.
  8. Removed tacos from freezer and dip tops in the melted dark chocolate then sprinkle tops with chopped almonds before the chocolate hardens.
  9. Immediately place tacos back in freezer for at least 30 minutes before enjoying.
frozen yogurt, ice cream, dark chocolate

frozen yogurt, ice cream, dark chocolate

What flavor fro-yo or ice cream would you use in your ideal choco taco?
What was your favorite childhood item off the ice cream truck?